Congratulations! All of us here at Saint Paul and St. Ann’s would like to wish you the very best with your coming marriage. We look forward to helping you to prepare for your wedding day so that it turns out to be everything you have always hoped for and dreamed about.


As you look forward to your coming marriage, it is important to realize that this is a time for you to carefully examine and assess your mutual ideals, goals, hopes and dreams. Most important of all is your spiritual preparation for the Sacrament of Matrimony.


We hope that the following guidelines as well as our personal meetings will help you to answer some of the practical concerns regarding your wedding here in our parish. The marriage planning booklet entitled “Together for Life” which will help you consider all of the components of the nuptial mass or wedding ceremony.


MARRIAGE: The marriage generally takes place in the parish of the bride.  To be married in St. Paul Church, the bride or groom should be registered with the parish.  If neither one is currently a parishioner, they will need to obtain the approval of the pastor before a wedding date may be written into the parish calendar.  It is also important that the couple be attending Sunday Mass on a regular basis.


Saturday Marriages: Please schedule anytime from 11:00 am-3:30 pm.


Sunday Marriages: Nuptial Masses are not scheduled during regular Sunday Mass times.  Please schedule your wedding ceremony anytime between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm except on the second and fourth (Baptism) Sundays when weddings may not be scheduled before 3:00 pm.  On weekends, weddings may not be scheduled after 6:00 pm.




1) A newly issued copy of the Baptismal Certificate (issued not issued more than six (6) months before your wedding date.) Write or call the church where you were baptized and request that a NEW copy of your baptismal certificate be mailed to you because you are getting married.

2) Copies of the First Holy Communion and Confirmation Certificates.  (These may be photo copies of the originals.)

3) Notarized, written letter of permission from parents is needed for anyone under age 21.

4) A Letter of Freedom and Permission from anyone not registered as a parishioner of St. Paul’s.  This letter MUST come from a priest of the parish where you are presently living in and are registered with.  The letter states that, according to your parish priest’s knowledge, you are free to marry.  In this letter the priest will also grant permission for you, who live within his parish boundaries, to be married at St. Paul’s

5) If previous marriage, by a priest, minister of another church or civil official, please present a death certificate of first spouse, or Annulment or Dissolution Papers.

6) The Banns are to be announced in the parish of the bride and of the groom.  If one of the couple is a non-parishioner, he/she is to assume the responsibility for his/her own parish.



1) Copy of the Certificate of Baptism.

2) Notarized letter of freedom from his/her parents, stating that, “to the best of their knowledge, their son or daughter has never been married before.”



  1. Pre Cana Program: You will be given a Pre Cana registration booklet and asked to register* for the traditional, two-part, Pre Cana program of the Archdiocese of New York. (Pre Cana, Engagement or Engaged Encounter). You may also do this online. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion which should later be given to the priest or deacon helping you prepare your wedding. <> *St. Paul’s does not provide this program in-house.
  2. Pre-Marriage Questionnaire (PMI): After you complete this program, you should make a follow-up appointment with your priest or deacon in order to complete the Pre-Marriage questionnaire and to discuss the details of your wedding ceremony or Mass.  You will receive a planning
  3. Necessary documents as previously outlined.



  1. A valid New York State Marriage License may be obtained from the local Town Clerk of any NYS marriage license office. Please contact the town office ahead of time in to determine their requirements. (Ex. photo I.D.)
  2. The Marriage License is valid for a period of sixty (60) days and there is a 24 hour waiting period from the time the license is issued.
  3. Please bring the Marriage License with you the night of the rehearsal.



All fees should be given to the priest or deacon along with the Marriage License at the start of the rehearsal.

 $500.00 – The requested offering for Saint Paul Church is $500.00, payable by cash or check. (Payable to Saint Paul Church.)

$150.00 – Singer

$150.00 – Organist

We request that you have a separate envelope with each of them.

Music: The Catholic Church requests that music chosen for the wedding liturgy proper be sacred or church approved music.  Arrangements for music should be made with our parish Choir Director, Mr. James Russell (845) 735-4940.  If requested, arrangements may be made to meet with Mr. Russell and the parish organist before or after a Sunday Mass in order to listen to possible selections.



  1. Flowers/Runner: Arrangements for floral decorations are to be made directly by the couple. We request that flowers remain in the church following the wedding. Because St. Paul’s has a beautiful red carpet down the center aisle and due to insurance concerns, we request that you do not order a white runner. (This also saves you some money.)
  2. Pew Bows are permitted and should only be secured with heavy rubber bands. Generally your florist takes care of this at your request.
  3. Unity Candle is permitted in both the Wedding Ceremony and Nuptial Mass. The couple may obtain this from a candle shop or florist.
  4. Witnesses: Only one Best Man and one Maid of Honor is permitted in the ceremony. They will be the two legal witnesses who will sign the marriage license.
  5. Celebrant: We will do our best to allow each couple to invite the celebrant of their choosing for the wedding. Please speak with the parish priest or deacon before doing so. If requested, delegation may be given to a relative or close friend who is a priest or in the case of a ceremony, a deacon. Non-Archdiocesan clergy are asked to provide a current Letter of Good Standing from their local bishop.
  6. Following the wedding, we ask that you do not allow the throwing of rice, bird seed, confetti, flower petals or other items which may cause a mess and require additional clean-up. The blowing of bubbles, tinkling of bells or simple applause works well.


updated 10/2014